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Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach

Over the past 11 years I've checked-in at many luxury hotels and resorts in Dubai, the emirate renowned for its "no such thing as impossible" philosophy. Be it for the iconic architecture, world-class services or prime location, almost all of the properties I've stayed at caught my attention with a certain touch. Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach did the same, but in the most unexpected way, right from check-in.


Grand Hyatt Dubai

The world's highest and biggest. The flashiest. In just a few words: Dubai. Towering majestically over the edge of Dubai's historic creek, Grand Hyatt catches the eye thanks to its futuristic architecture and sheer size. However, in the hospitality industry it's not all about size. It's more about delivering quality services to meet the guests' expectations, about the small details that make a big difference.

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