Upcoming: The Pavilions Himalayas – Pokhara, Nepal

By March 16, 2015Asia

There are places and there are places. Destinations you visit to marvel at architectural wonders (Dubai, New York), cities you go to for their rich history (Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Istanbul) and places you experience to get away from it all, to unwind and recharge. Pokhara, Nepal is one of them. Beginning September, it has a brand-new resort ready to welcome you: The Pavilions Himalayas.

At the end of October 2014 we’ve spent one week in Nepal. Without doubt, one of the best travel experiences so far – and we’ve visited quite a few countries until now. Amazing landscapes, welcoming people and the happiest children we’ve seen anywhere in the world. Our first trip to Nepal took us to Kathmandu, then Begnas and, for a day, to Pokhara. The second largest city in Nepal, Pokhara is located 200 km West of the capital. It can be reached by bus (a 5 or 7-hour drive from Kathmandu, depending on traffic) or by plane, 25 minutes (we flew with Yeti Airlines on the way back). Three out of the ten highest mountains in the world, including the renowned Annapurna, are within 30 miles of the city, making it Nepal’s top trekking destination. Pokhara is known amongst the locals as the perfect weekend retreat with its clean air, picturesque Phewa lake fed by the Seti river and wonderful scenery; it is a welcome break from Kathmandu. For foreigners, Pokhara is known as Nepal’s adventure destination.

Minutes away from Pokhara you’ll find – beginning September 2015 – The Pavilions Himalayas, Nepal’s only villa resort. Nestled in a tranquil valley alongside a meandering river, it will encompass 13 spacious villas – the largest in Nepal – spread out over organic farmland cultivated in the age-old Nepalese way. Each eco-friendly villa, whether stand-alone or family-sized, combines traditional rustic design with contemporary luxury features and boasts a terrace, private garden plus spectacular views of Mount Annapurna. The villas are widely spaced around a central Club House that houses the lounge, boutique shop, business centre and organic restaurant. Recreation facilities include a fitness centre, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and massage therapy.

The Pavilions Classic villa (2 unit, 90 m2 each) blends modern and traditional features, while the Pavilions Pokhara Superior villas (5 units, 118 m2 each) take the accommodation game one level higher. Each of the Deluxe villas (3 units, 118 m2 each) has its own terrace and en-suite bathroom featuring granite counter-tops, glass doors and separate tub and Jacuzzi. Spaced apart for privacy, each villa combines the hints of luxury that discerning travellers expect with tasteful touches of rustic Nepali style. These villas are split-level, with a cosy gallery-style sleeping area. Further up we find The Pavilions Grande villas (2 units, 193 m2 each), while the Family Chalet (one unit, 108 m2) can accommodate six to seven guests.

During our 2014 trip to Nepal we had some interesting culinary experiences, so we expect The Pavilions Himalayas to deliver the same. The resort grows the bulk of its produce onsite, without pesticides, which really makes a difference when it comes to taste, and the chef will delight guests with dishes highlighting Nepal’s rich cuisine culture. If you’re looking for a breakfast with a view, look no further than Pokhara’s newest resort. Surprise your loved one with an impeccably served breakfast with a vintage champagne keynote as you admire the sunrise over the Himalayas.

Moments like these are hard to describe in words, so you have to experience them at least once. We know it all too well from our Nepal trip, when the sight of the majestic Himalayan peaks at sunrise or reflecting in the Begnas / Pokhara lakes left us speechless. Last, but not least, foodie lovers will be spoiled with Nepalese cooking classes. For all ages and especially fun for families, these classes will teach you how to make the most of flavours under the watchful eye of the resort’s chef. Get ready to cook some unique Himalayan dishes like lentil soup, Tibetan MoMo dumplings and yak butter tea!

The Pavilions Himalayas is set to offer its guests a wide range of customized activities. From classes in yoga and meditation to guided visits to Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples where visitors can enjoy exotic religious ceremonies and hold conversations with monks and spiritual teachers. Soft adventures for the family include handicraft centre visits, bird-watching, gentle forest treks and lake boating. For the active guests, The Pavilions Himalayas can arrange treks into the Himalayan foothills as well as thrilling white water rafting on Nepal’s rushing rivers. Trekking options range from easy countryside walks to serious expeditions to Everest Base Camp, so everyone will find something to suit his / her physical abilities. The more adventurous guests can also experience a jungle safari through Chitwan National Park, home to the magnificent Bengal Tiger. You can book your stay on the resort’s website and be sure to check out the opening promotions.