Bulgari Hotel Milano

By May 3, 2013Europe

Imagined to look different. Built with the precision and craftsmanship that only a jeweler could display. Polished down to the last detail. A genuine diamond with an outstanding value. Bulgari Hotel, Milano.

Expensive jewelry, elegant watches, stunning accessories and seducing perfumes. In just one word – Bulgari. In Spring 2004 the famous Italian empire made its entrance into another segment by opening its first hotel in Milan. The new division, called Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, is a joint-venture between the Bulgari Group and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. Located on Via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7b, within a 4000 sq meters private garden, the hotel has been built in one of the most prestigious city locations. That is the Brera district, neighboring the Botanical gardens, Via della Spiga, Via Montenapoleone and La Scala theatre, famous fashion stores being a few steps away.


Officially inaugurated on 18th May 2004 in the presence of Paolo Bulgari (Chairman of the Group), Nicola Bulgari (Vice-Chairman) and other high-ranking officials, Bulgari Hotel perfectly illustrates the Group’s philosophy. 

Responsible for exterior design and interior shapes is architect Antonio Citterio, who embraced a bold and yet in-fashion style. Three key elements define the hotel: its unique location, its contemporary design and the variety of services. All which have been thoroughly studied with the same accuracy found in every Bulgari jewel. The originality consists in a pure and essential design, capable of inducing outstanding chromatic harmonies by usage of rare and precious materials. Thus, in public spaces we have black Zimbabwe marble, Vicenza stone and Turkish Aphyon for the Spa, respectively teak, durmast and oak for the rooms and suites. Where guests can relax amidst contemporary Italian furniture and details designed by the same Antonio Citterio. Moreover, Bulgari Hotel’s fragrance lies also in „the age“ of the building, made up of three sections. Here, the oldest of the three facades dates back to the 1700s, being partly visible even today!

In contrast with the surrounding buildings, Bulgari Hotel features a white marble facade and durmast windows enriched with black granite gutters.

A total of 58 rooms and suites are cleverly „disguised“ thanks to the exterior shapes. The main lobby draws attention through a row of high and narrow windows, as well as a sliding-door. Seen as a natural extension of the interior space, the garden represents „la piece de resistance“ of Bulgari Hotel. In perfect harmony, green areas intermingle with granite, inside and outside paths resembling the corridors of an impressive giant maze. Inside the rooms, comfort is a must. Wide windows together with adjacent balconies offer stunning views of the garden, light tones being the prevailing colours. Each room (560-750 Euro) has its own sensorial DVD with soothing sounds and images, some of the rooms also offering meditation corners. Bathroom has a large dedicated space, the thick bronze net separating it from the bedroom creating unexpected transparencies. Beyond heavy doors, there are 6 Executive suites and the Bulgari suite. Located on the last floor, it includes an imposing Brera stone fireplace, a three meter deep arcade protecting the completely transparent facade. The bathroom recalls ancient Oriental open-air resort rooms, its outstanding item being a one-piece Bihara Turkish stone tub.

When it comes to a Bulgari hotel, entertainment activities must equal the elegance and style displayed throughout the interior.

The restaurant is a delight for senses with its lenticular hanging ceiling and large oval black resin counter overlooking the terrace and the garden. Besides traditional Italian plates, guests can also choose various American and Japanese culinary wonders. A menu of eleven dishes has been created for the bar and the garden, available such as a Club sandwich, caviar and classical „caprese“. Add Iranian caviar, champagne and lobster, tomatoes, fresh fruit „carpaccio“ (for Children’s Menu – 7 dishes). Equally impressive is the choice of wines, most of them from famous regions such as Campania, Sardinia and Sicily. When it comes to fine spirits and elite labels, our pick goes to a Saint James from Antilles rum, dated 1885: 960 Euro per glass! 

True to the hotel’s unrivalled image, the Spa has been conceived as an „urban shelter for mind and soul“. It features a long swimming pool tiled with gold and emerald mosaic, Hamam and outdoor lounge with 5 private rooms for personalized treatments: aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatsu, ayurveda, plus massage techniques from Bali and Hawaii. The Bulgari Hotel „experience“ also includes flights over Lago Maggiore and Como, rally driving school in Monza, private tours of „secret“ villas, luxury car rental or hair and makeup by Monica Coppola. Plus your own personal shopper.