Gold iPads for Burj Al Arab guests

By May 23, 2013Articles

If you fancy a 24-carat gold iPad check-in at Burj Al Arab, one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, and you will get one for the duration of your stay. Guests also have the option of purchasing gold iPads upon check-out from the hotel’s bespoke boutique. 

Customized by London-based Gold & Co., the gold iPads were designed specifically for Burj Al Arab, engraved with the hotel’s logo and they will be offered to every guest upon check-in. The iPads can be used as a “virtual concierge”, offering information about the hotel’s services, description of restaurants plus Spa options and menus. “Our exclusive Burj Al Arab 24-carat gold iPads epitomise Jumeirah’s STAY DIFFERENT philosophy and further enhance our guests’ experience during their stay”, stated Heinrich Morio, Burj Al Arab’s General Manager. 

“We have also recently introduced iMacs inside all our suites to ensure that we offer thoroughly modern guest experiences and keep up with hospitality industry trends”, added Morio. If guests love these 24-carat gold iPads so much they can purchase one (or more) from the hotel’s bespoke boutique. Other gadgets on sale: a gold iPhone 5 and a gold BlackBerry Q10 customised by the same Gold & Co. This is not the first time when Burj Al Arab has carried out an iPad-related promotion. Back in October 2012 the iconic Dubai hotel has launched a 24-carat rose gold iPad as part of its Pinking Burj Al Arab campaign supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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