Marriott brings Europe to the Americas

By June 4, 2013Articles

Marriott International has announced plans to import an European midprice hotel brand on the U.S. market. The aim is to target younger, tech- and design-focused travellers.

Marriott partnered with AC Hotels – an urban lifestyle hotel chain – in 2011 to broaden its European presence, thus creating the AC Hotels by Marriott brand. Currently there are 79 AC Hotels by Marriott in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Now Marriott is betting on this brand in the U.S. to attract more young travellers known as “Millennials”, people generally born between the 1980s and the early 2000s. The move, a first for the hospitality giant, comes after it has recently announced a partnership with IKEA, the Swedish furniture company, to launch Moxy, a budget hotel chain for Europe.

“It’s the right time to bring it to the U.S.,” says Brian King, global brand officer for Marriott Endorsed Brands. “You import wine and you import cars. We’re going to import a hotel brand. This generation (Millennials)… they grew up with Gilt, Target,, Apple. These brands are affordable and stylish and they’re great-looking and they feel curated. And that’s what AC Hotels is.” A Marriott research shows that business travellers aged 21-49 making three or more business trips a year spend $34 billion on hotels rooms worldwide. Moreover, hoteliers say that Millennials are unique travellers. They search for special amenities, they stay connected through social media 24/7 and they are looking for a modern setting to unwind, with fast-paced services.

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