TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Destinations

By May 23, 2013Articles

The winners of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Destinations 2013 were announced. Paris (France) took the top spot in the “World” category Top 25 destinations while New York City (USA) ranked first in the “United States” Top 25 destinations for 2013. 


2013 TripAdvisor Top 25 Destinations – World: 

+/- denotes change in ranking year-over-year, 0 is no change, “New” is new to the top 25


1.  Paris, France (+3)

2.  New York City, U.S.A (0)

3.  London, England (-2)

4.  Rome, Italy (-1)

5.  Barcelona, Spain (+3)

6.  Venice, Italy (New)

7.  San Francisco, U.S.A. (-2)

8.  Florence, Italy (+4)

9.  Prague, Czech Republic (+7)

10.    Sydney, Australia (+4)

The complete World rankings are available here. 
2013 TripAdvisor Top 25 Destinations – United States:


1. New York City, New York (0)

2. San Francisco, California (0)

3. Chicago, Illinois (0)

4. Las Vegas, Nevada (0)

5. Orlando, Florida (+5)

6. Washington, D.C. (+5)

7. Boston, Massachusetts (+8)

8. Los Angeles, California (-2)

9. Honolulu, Hawaii (-4)
New Orleans, Louisiana (-3)


The complete United States rankings are available here. 

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